Anybody can Make Money Blogging…? Oh Really

Today, there are people who have generated 4,5,and even 6 figure yearly incomes online from blogging and this most certainly is an easily obtainable goal for someone working full-time from home. Naturally if your going to be doing this part-time as your working a 9-5 job the results will be slower and income gains smaller but this is to be expected. Part-time will require even more dedication and persistence because your trying to pack an already loaded schedule with even more using your available spare time.

Let's just examine some facts: 98% of all people starting an online business fail, that only leaves 2% generating serious incomes for themselves and their families.

So then what does this 2% have going for them that the other 98% does not? Knowledge is first on my list because I was taught that "knowledge is power" and those who are without it will pay to obtain some of it. So in my humble opinion it is fair to say that this 2% also fit into the fairly intelligent or smart group. Let's also face the fact that this group is the minority of the greater population of the world. So do you qualify, I don't know but I was always told if you have to ask if you possess it then you probably don't.

I don't want to hurt people's feelings or anything but the truth is that this area is not alone look at sports,movies, and music. How many people do you know that love these areas of interest and are very passionate about them but they just don't possess the knowledge, skills to be a professional athlete or a movie star or even a rock star etc. They can still dream and play at their amateur level but will be forever watching from the sidelines as the professionals steal the show.

So then what knowledge, talents, and or skills must one possess to be a professional blogger and create make money blogs?

  • The ability to install and setup their blogging platform
  • The ability to handle some coding issues with HTML and CSS { and I'm not talking about being an expert here so don't worry}
  • The ability to leave quality blog comments leading back to your make money blog and deleting the spam on your own make money blog
  • The ability to set up RSS feeds and syndicating them
  • The ability to setup feed aggregators in your chosen market to pull consistent good quality unique content
  • The ability to send pings letting others know you have fresh updated content on your make money blog
  • The ability to setup linkbacks, trackbacks, pingbacks, and reciprocal links
  • The ability to setup and receive full and partial feeds since we can stuff them with ads and affiliate links
  • The ability to host and submit to blog carnivals with your chosen market to begin traffic building stage
  • The ability to submit your make money blog to search engines
  • The ability to setup your make money blog and post titles and tags to be search engine optimized (SEO)
  • The ability to manipulate and grow your page rank for your make money blog
  • The ability to organize, save,and manage all your make money blog social bookmarking
  • The ability to handle all your meta data and tagging
  • The ability to setup and organize and manage your advertising to keep it contextual with your market
  • The ability to setup, organize, and manage affiliate programs both yours and those you are generating income from
  • The ability to track and to test your make money blog to increase it's traffic statistics
  • The ability to setup, organize, and manage your email, and email marketing using autoresponders
  • There are some other related such as chats,podcasts,webinars,and mobile marketing.

There are even more, I'm sure I may have even forgotten some important ones but you get the idea. Also let me say that new technology is improving and automating many of these tasks but without knowledge and skill and action your make money blog may very well fall to the 98% of failure.

A REAL long term make money blog is not a get rich quick scheme but an actual real life business asset and thats why it must be treated as such so no not everybody can or will be successful in making money online with blogs ONLY those who are knowledgeable and continue to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and experience of both successes and failures that have the persistence and perseverance to keep driving forward even in times when it seems your going nowhere. 

If you can believe it, then you can achieve it " Keep Driving Forward" 










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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 Make Money Blog

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