Can you create a make money blog

Let me begin by saying that Yes! {don't get to excited just yet} anyone can learn everything that is required to create a make money blog.

Truthfully, there are some requirements that are needed by you before you can begin counting money.

#1-Proper Attitude and the right kind of thinking are first because if you can think it, then it is possible to achieve it. Seriously it is your mind that everything else is going to be built off of so you must start from the get go thinking and treating this like a Long Term Business not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme". If this was so easy why isn't everyone doing it, and rich? The facts are that the majority of people that start blogging actually only about 98% fail, that leaves 2% actually have what it takes to commit themselves to working on first building a new and better mental self. Ok, you now know the facts which are: you carry the sole responsibility for the skills and commitment which are required to be a successful professional blogger who owns a make money blog {an actual business asset that may be sold later for big bucks just maybe even millions or billions if you so choose}.

#2-Proper Skills in Business, Marketing, and Blogging are absolutely a requirement that you can learn along the way but everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. Only you know the actual skills that you already possess. You may have come from a business background and already have knowledge and skills that will cut this learning curve down by months or years. Study yourself, what are your weak points and strenghts and them with proper mental toughness start building your skills. Do you see what we"re doing here, you"re going to start investing time and money into yourself, until you reach a point that you will be using these new found skills to help others get their dreams and before you know it you will already actually be living yours.

#3-A Proper Plan is then required and this depends on how your going to be setting up your make money blog which also can be determined by the market or niche In which you decide to begin operating in. I won't go into full detail of the planning stage yet but it should begin by first looking into the markets that already are filled with lots of customers that are already spending money and the more the better. You see there is no need to jump out into untested waters in the beginning or to think that you need to reinvent the wheel. There are many different business plans that could be applied depending on how your going to utilize your make money blog and the kinds of customers each different market are the variables. Let me give you an example as to what I am trying to teach you, The planning and preparation required to build a network of ad sense blogs is a little different then if you were targeting the Internet marketing market and it would be different from say  mazon or  bay markets. Another variable is how will you utilize your blog, is it going to be more of a personal journal or news outlet. maybe even video hosting, maybe even the next big social network or membership site. You see each of these present a different set of circumstances that would require a specific plan. One of my most favorite quotes is by  Winston Churchill who said "He who fails to plan is planning to fail". On the flip side don't over plan so much that you fail to take action because you never have a perfect plan because you can;t account for everything along the way. Just keep the surprises to a minimum with good planning.

#4-Proper Resources and Tools are a requirement both of the free and paid variety. In the starting of business you should try to probably stick to the basic essentials and then let your reinvesting be from the profits to scale the plans and markets that are profitable and to dump those that are not meeting your goals and expectations. What are some tools: domain names,web hosting,niche and keyword research software to start. It is not entirely out of the scope of reason to be able to build a make money blog empire off free resources like blogger or wordpress or squidoo, or hubpages or any combination there of. For niche and keyword research the big G has this covered with it's G  Trends, G Insight, G wonderwheel it just takes more time, but if you have more time then money and you have the previous requirements met the only other thing that can stop you is you yourself.

#5 Action is where the rubber meets the road. Sometimes people try to wait till everything is perfect and don't take any action. A lot of people have bought some marketing products and read them and never took an ounce of action. It's sometimes better to action and make a mistake and learn from it along the way then to of never gotten off the couch so to speak. I've heard of a few people who purchased stuff on a whim and never even read any of it. Some folks even let Information paralyze them from taking action, but you don't have to be one of those causalities. Another great quote I like is by Theodore Roosevelt where he says:“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

That's All For Now Folks-Thanks for reading please feel free to share and pass along.

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Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Make Money Blog

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